My sistera baby is almost about to be here. I am so excited to hold my niece. I feel like i am more excaited then my sister who is actually having the baby. I just wish it was me that was having my own baby. I been wanting one for ove d a year. And it is just not happening.. it ust scks that she got pregnant and i cant…

Black kid white cop

Why is it that when a black person gets shot its a huge ordeal. But if a white person was to get shoot its not. And if we were to make a huge deal about it we would all be considered racist. I just dont see the justice in that. I mean if a cop shoots someone it is probably for a reason. They dont go arou.d just shooting black people. Come on now people its 2014 all that racist and slavery crap is over with. We are all just trying to get along together. And it seems like we cant.
Just whats been going threw my mind lately.


Im going to my dads concert and its at a bar. I cant bring my boyfriend bc hes only 20. And i realize i have no friends to ask to go with me. It sucks not having any friends my sister is pregnant so she cant go and is underage too.. just really sucks and makes me sad. But me and my dad can finally go out and get a beer together. I was in another state when i turned 21. So now is the chance


I guess im not giving my boyfriend enough attention. And he feels the need to talk to other people. Which is understandable. Im always wanting to be alone. So if i was him id probably be trying to get someone elses attention. I just felt like i was being too much. But to him he wants that attention. And i stopped. He would always want me to come hangout with him in the livingroom but i like to be alone in my room. We live together and work the same shift so we are always together. So i tend to like to give him space. We have talked and i hope i can give him what he needs. Because he is a really great guy and me and him been threw alot in our lives. And together. Moved to another state together he left everything behind to be with me pretty much so i know he loves me. Just hard i guess. Hard to let someone in i guess. Anyone else feel like that?


Im going to be writing my daily thoughts, today i feel happy its a nice day today. And im not feeling as sad as i did yesterday. Trying to enjoy life more. Its good to enjoy the good things in life and not dwell on the past. Yes my mother wasnt really there but now that im older i feel that she is trying to be there for me which is good. But also very weird. Dont know what to think.